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Including automobile, 3c/ digital electronics, mother and baby / cosmetics, etc


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Founded in 2016, Kunshan AB Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. is formerly known as Shanghai AB Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. (founded in 2005), one of subsidiaries invested by Japanese AB Group in China We have a perfect system, including plastic mold design, CNC programming, mold processing and manufacturing, we are committed to providing quality, perfect and caring services to customers around the world.

We boast a seasoned team of over 100 members. The company mainly deals with plastic commodity mould, high precision parts processing, injection molding production, etc., selling vehicles, 3C / electronic products, maternal and infant supplies/cosmetic products and other products.

We provide services for famous enterprises at home and abroad, equipped with advanced processing/testing equipment at home and abroad; and a perfect system from order receiving, mold making to mass production, thus ensuring that we can provide customers with high quality products and comprehensive services.

Our Vision: We are committed to fast and fine products, developing to a powerful enterprise.

Our mission: Thinking before customers, tackling customers' needs

Core value: All staff should participate in strengthening management for quality products with the spirit of craftsmanship.

Enterprise style: Pragmatism, rigor innovation, civilization

Ⅰ Business Department is responsible for new customer development, liaison at the early phase of businesses, the introduction of new tasks and customer retention;

Ⅱ Material Department is responsible for the purchase and inventory management of raw material and other articles.

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