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Development status and Prospect Analysis of international mold manufacturing ind

The current situation is that China's mold manufacturing industry is growing at an annual rate of 20%, which is shocking. Relevant professionals believe that during the "13th five year plan" period, China's mold industry should speed up the transformation of development mode in accordance with the requirements of new industrialization. We will transform the extensive development model into an economical and intensive development model, intensify technological transformation and independent innovation, and eliminate backwardness. It can be predicted that the future development prospect will be huge by strengthening mergers and acquisitions and accelerating the structural adjustment, optimization and upgrading of the mold industry

With the increasingly fierce international competition and increasingly complex market demand, the mold industry is facing a severe test. It is difficult for a single advantage to gain obvious advantages. Therefore, in the future development, China's mold industry should focus on the direction of "diversification".

According to the current market information, we believe that mold products should be equipped with large-scale, precise, complex and new technology special technical equipment integrating precision machining technology, computer technology, intelligent control and green manufacturing. In the direction of development, as a mold enterprise, we should constantly learn advanced technology and introduce advanced talents in production. With the advantages of developed countries, we are trying to integrate technology and equipment to achieve digitalization, refinement, high-speed processing and automation. I believe that after such a change. Our molds will be able to develop from a processing plant to a large manufacturing country. Of course, we must pay attention to environmental protection while producing, which is always what we should pay attention to. Only green manufacturing can ensure our sustainable development and our economic construction can achieve long-term results.

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